Taith Eryri – The Tour of Eryri

What’s Occurring?

It’s been a busy few months. Mainly wet ones.

Trying to get the route maps compiled has been challenging due to the amount of water and mud that has been in the lanes. But, hey, we’re not in Cumbria.

Most of the routes for the Conwy Valley are now in place, and these have been checked and GPS-ed. Several additional options for both the Haute Route and the Tour have been reconsidered, and following the Dragon’s Scales approach there will be some extra high level variations for the hardy.

As you can see, the website has had a severe overhaul and things are finally falling into place. But it’s nearly Christmas and we are currently planning out the post-Yule parties on the hill. Boxing Day promises to be a stonking wild party in a lonely tyddyn somewhere … lonely …